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VOS One Million Dollar Server Buy Back Promotion 09-29-2009

VOS™ Crash for Junkers Technology Stimulus 09-08-2009

VOS™ - Technology Solution for Non-Profit Organizations 08-20-2009

VOS™ Service for the Hotel Industry 08-12-2009

Direct Systems Partners with VOS™ to deliver the leading software to the moving & storage industry 08-06-2009

VOS™ - Now with online Faxing by MyFax® 07-29-2009

VOS™ partners with MyFax® 07-20-2009

VOS™ Shocks B2B Expo with Stunning Security Demo 06-30-2009

VOS™ - Easy as 123 06-25-2009

VOS™ Tweets 06-01-2009

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“After hurricane Katrina, we began looking for a way to protect our data. That’s when we discovered VOS. We never knew such a product existed. Now we know our data is safe and we can get to it from anywhere. We love VOS and have recommended your company to other businesses.”

~ Darnell, Shuart and Associates
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"Since we began using VOS we have expanded across the U.S. We originally signed on with VOS to improve communication between our Ohio, Texas and Florida offices. However while in China, I was pleased to find that I could login to VOS and be as comfortable in front of my computer there, as I am at home."

~Nick, TNT Equipment
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